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Most Recent Release

Bite the Biscuit

Bite the Biscuit

A Barkery and Biscuits Mystery
Midnight Ink
May 2015

ISBN 978-0738745039
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Sit, Stay, SlaySit, Stay, Slay

Kendra's first adventure

Berkley Prime Crime
January 2005

ISBN 0-425-20000-0
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Kendra is a high-powered civil litigator.  Or at least she was, till she got into some trouble and her license to practice law was suspended.   Needing a way to earn enough money for Lexie and her to live on, she has taken up petsitting and eventually, when her license is reinstated, she begins to practice pet law.

But before she can resume her lawyering, some of her petsitting clients begin to turn up dead--in the first Kendra Ballantyne mystery:  Sit, Stay, Slay.

And Kendra begins to wonder whether losing her law license is the least of her worries.


"SIT, STAY, SLAY is a very funny and exciting mystery. Although Linda O. Johnston has written many novels, this is her best tale worthy of an award nomination because it entertains yet shows the audience what happens when an innocent person's life spins out of control and how that person copes with the changes forced upon her. The romance in this novel adds spice to a very clever crime thriller." -- Harriet Klausner, BookReview.com

"Johnston's debut mystery series is excellently written and pays close attention to detail. Readers will be eager to watch Kendra adjust and then revel in her new life. This is a wonderful book for winter reading." -- Vicky Gilpin, The Best Reviews

"This is a fun, quick cozy to read. I loved it. Kendra is a great character. She takes on pet sitting with gusto and yet some fear. She is open to new experiences. Once she starts investigating, she finds she has a knack for it, along with a little help from Jeff.  I can't wait for the next book. I highly recommend this book!" -- Dawn Dowdle, The Best Reviews

"This promising mystery debut features a puzzling mystery, a cute King Charles spaniel and a sunny Los Angeles setting.  The brisk momentum of this clever plot, coupled with a surprising conclusion, will satisfy even the most jaded armchair detective." -- Cindy Harrison, RT Book Reviews

"This is the first book in the Petsitter Mysteries by Linda O. Johnston. Overall, it's an exciting, fast-paced cozy mystery with some romance thrown in to make it even more interesting. Kendra is a young, energetic and mostly likable character.  I have already picked up the second book in this series and have high hopes for it." -- They Call Me Bookie McBookerson