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December 2007

Happy Holidays!!

I hope everyone reading this had an absolutely delightful Thanksgiving, and that your favorite December holiday--Hanukkah, Christmas, or whatever you choose to celebrate--is wonderful, too.  And have an excellent 2008!  I'm sure you'll be hearing from me now and then in the new year.

The Fright of the IguanaIguana Rules!

The fifth Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mystery, THE FRIGHT OF THE IGUANA was published in October 2007--and was on the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association's bestseller list for that month!


Upcoming Kendra Books

The sixth Kendra book, DOUBLE DOG DARE, will be a June 2008 release.  I've seen the cover, although I haven't posted it yet.  As always, it's really cute!  I'm currently plotting the seventh in the series, which is always a lot of fun.

Fine-Feathered DeathContest News

The winner of my most recent contest is Judy Yamada of Gilbert, Arizona--a great town just outside of Phoenix.  I've got family there!

Please enter the next contest.  I'll give away an autographed cpoy of the third Kendra book, FINE-FEATHERED DEATH...and maybe some more goodies, too.

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Thanks for reading!
All the best from Linda, Kendra, and our Lexies!

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