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December 2008

Happy Holidays and a Wonderful 2009!!

My 2009 is going to be very busy.  How about yours?  Have you made plans?  New Year's resolutions?

At the top of my resolutions is to to keep on writing!  I have at least three novels coming out next year, plus a Nocturne Bites.  More information below.

Never Say StyKendra's Upcoming Adventures

The seventh Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mystery, NEVER SAY STY, will be released in April 2009.  It features--what else?--potbellied pigs.  And a new reality show.  And...well, I won't tell you about some of the other surprises, but I'll give you a hint:  one involves Kendra's love life.  I'm currently working on Kendra number eight, and there will be at least one more to come.


Alpha WolfJanuary Bites - And Shapeshifters

My first Silhouette Nocturne, ALPHA WOLF, is a January 2009 release.  It introduces Alpha Force, a very covert military unit composed of shapeshifters.  ALPHA WOLF is about a lady veterinarian on Maryland's Eastern Shore who scoffs at the local werewolf legends...until an injured one shows up at her door.  In human form, he's one hot military guy, and they have a mystery to solve together.

Along with ALPHA WOLF, my first Nocturne Bites will be available, also in January.  It is an e-novella called CLAWS OF THE LYNX and features--what else?--a shapeshifting lynx who is a member of Alpha Force.  She has a super-secret mission to accomplish in Washington, D.C., and her assigned assistant is a former lover who is absolutely determined to accomplish their assignment at any cost.  And they just happen to still be attracted to each other.

There will be at least one more Alpha Force story in the future, possibly at the end of 2009.

In addition, my second Silhouette Nocturne novel, BACK TO LIFE, will be published in June 2009.  It is about a K-9 cop with Valkyrie powers including bringing the dying back to life, and she finds herself bringing back, one hot guy cop who may be her downfall.

Contest News

The latest winner of my website contest (at last!) is Mary Branham of Willard, Ohio.  Please visit my website for my new contest, coming soon.


In Closing

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As always, all the best from Linda, Kendra, and our Lexies!  Not to mention Linda's puppy Mystie.

And a very, very happy holiday season to you and your family as well as a wonderful new year!

Thanks for reading!

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