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Meow is for Magnificent

Meow is for MurderAt least my mood is mighty magnificent, now that the fourth Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mystery MEOW IS FOR MURDER is available.   In it, Kendra is a murder magnet--yes, again!  This time, it’s her lover Jeff’s ex-wife Amanda who’s the main suspect, in the murder of her stalker.  Not that Kendra cares much about what happens to that catty ex who happens to have a couple of smart and adorable Bengal cats as pets.  But Amanda makes Kendra an offer she can’t refuse: solve the case, and Amanda will take her claws out of Jeff for good. 

Come Visit Me

I’ll be doing some signings and chats now that MEOW is available.  Check out my website to see what I’m up to, and please come visit if you can.  Also, take a look at the website.  I’m one of this month’s featured authors!

Squirrelly News

It took longer than I anticipated, but my Amazon Shorts story is finally available at  It’s called “Kendra’s Squirreliest Client.”   Guess who that is!

W is for Werewolf

Yes, I’m still hard at work writing my first Silhouette Nocturne, tentatively titled MOONLIGHT AND FIRE.  I’m having a great, yet more-serious-than-Kendra, time getting into the minds of Dr. Melanie Harding, a caring veterinarian, and Major Drew Connell, the hunk of a hero who’s an army officer, medical doctor... and, of course, a werewolf.  I don’t have its publication date yet, but stay tuned!

Fine-Feathered DeathContest News

My latest contest is in full force... until the Ides of March (March 15), when I will give away an autographed copy of the third Kendra book, FINE-FEATHERED DEATH... and maybe some more goodies, too.

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