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Happy Holidays!

Before I say anything else, I just want to wish you a wonderful holiday season and an excellent 2007.

Some Kendra News

Kendra is featured in a new Amazon Shorts story, which will be available soon, at a small cost from  It's called "Kendra's Squirreliest Client."  I won't tell you who that client is, except to say that I know her well.  I think.  Have I intrigued you?  I hope so!  If you're interested, go to

Some Linda News - SCORE!

I've sold another book!  This one isn't Kendra's, though, which miffs her.  Oh, well.  It's a Silhouette Nocturne, with the working title of Moonlight and Fire.  It fits well with the Kendra books despite its paranormal elements and darker, sexier tone.  The heroine is a veterinarian.

The hero?  He's one hunky werewolf.

And why did I say score?  Because this will be published novel number 20!

Fine Feathered DeathContest News

I also want to announce that the winner of my latest contest was Melanie Miller of Branford, Ct.

And I'm going to hold another contest.  This one will end on the Ides of March (March 15), at which time I will give away an autographed copy of the third Kendra book, FINE-FEATHERED DEATH...and maybe some more goodies, too.

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Thanks for reading!
All the best from Linda, Kendra, and our Lexies!

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