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Most Recent Release

Bite the Biscuit

Bite the Biscuit

A Barkery and Biscuits Mystery
Midnight Ink
May 2015

ISBN 978-0738745039
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The More The TerrierThe More The Terrier

A Pet Rescue Mystery

Berkley Prime Crime
October 2011

ISBN 978-0-425-24379-4
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Shelter manager Lauren Vancouver, “an ardent advocate for homeless pets,” has taught herself a new trick: sleuthing.  Now she has a chance to hone her skills, as animal hoarding leads to one less human life...

When Lauren finds out that her old mentor, Mamie Spelling, is an animal hoarder, no one is more shocked, and she jumps in to help rehome the cramped critters. But Mamie’s troubles don’t end there. She’s accused of murder when the CEO of a pet shelter network is found dead. The aggressive businesswoman was bullying Mamie to join her organization by threatening to expose her hoarding, but that was before Lauren took control of the situation. Now Lauren’s dogged determination to clear her former friend of murder may put a killer on her tail...


"...animal lovers will enjoy the many details about animal shelters and enjoy meeting some of HotRescues furry residents. If you enjoy Cynthia Baxter’s Reigning Cats and Dogs mysteries, then you may want to give "The More the Terrier" a try." -- Christine, GoodReads

"The story is exciting with a very current topic of hoarding. I have to admit until I read this book I never thought about someone hoarding pets and it really opened my eyes.  Like cozy mysteries, like animals, you will love this book! Your invisible tails will be wagging with delight!!!!" -- Lori Caswell, GoodReads

"This "Pet Rescue" mystery is a good, suspenseful cozy, with a sympathetic heroine and likable supporting characters. It's just the thing for animal lovers, especially those interested in learning more about subjects like animal hoarding, dog and cat rescue, pet adoption, and all that's involved in running a no-kill shelter." -- Sheila Beaumont, GoodReads

"This book, the second in a new series (a spin-off of the Kendra Ballentine series) is going from strength to strength. I love the character of Lauren and I'm looking forward to her further adventures. " -- Nora-adrienne, GoodReads

"Johnston’s second Pet Rescue mystery, The More the Terrier, is a must for animal lovers, cozy enthusiasts and readers looking for a solid mystery. Johnston packs her tale with humor, tenderness and brief literary service announcements about the growing pet overpopulation epidemic, as well as the importance of spaying and neutering by shining a light on the heinous way animals are discarded and mistreated. Johnston is flawless illustrating Lauren’s pet advocacy and doesn’t waver once.  Johnston has a natural gift to entertain and here’s hoping she continues telling stories that are kicky, informative and makes readers feel moved to make a difference… not turned off." -- Diane Morasco, BlogCritics

"The best storyline is Lauren’s effort to deal with the pet hoarding, coordinate rescue efforts, and redirect Mamie’s love of animals without letting her lapse back into crazy-pet-lady behavior. The murder and the pet-dumping are handled nicely, but the world of pet rescue is the niche that this cozy explores with love and commitment." -- Terrance V. McArthur, Kings River Life magazine

"The second Pet Rescue Mystery (see Beaglemania) is an exciting cozy that sub-genre readers, especially animal lovers, will enjoy." -- Harriet Klausner, Genre-Go-Round Reviews